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Hi-Fi & High End Show

18-20 october 2024
Отель ««Альянс Бородино» Москва, Русаковская улица, 13 стр.5
Hi-Fi & High End Show is the major show for High End audio-video products in Russia and CIS countries The show annually brings together leading manufacturers, installers, dealers, distributors and end users The event provides a great opportunity to strengthen cooperation between partners and establish new business contacts
A new exposition VINYL SHOW enabling its participants to exhibit and sell vinyl, accessories for vinyl players, cleaning machines and other corresponding merchandise. Exposition SMART INSTALL showcases ultramodern multimedia device control systems as well as turnkey home theatre installation projects. Hi-Fi & High End SHOW is not only an exhibition of equipment, it is also a very memorable show with a great variety of interesting events, educational seminars and world guru workshops, unique expositions, themed photo exhibitions from famous photographers, live jazz band shows and much more. Hi-Fi & High End SHOW is part of the major exhibition Consumer Electronics & Photo Expo that occupies Halls 5, 7 and 8 at Pavilion 2 of Crocus Expo ICC.
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28–29 February 2024
The CSTB Exhibition and Forum has long been recognised as the pre-eminent electronic media event of Russia and CIS countries. This year on year success can be directly attributed to the dynamic and foresighted nature of an organisation that has ensured that the fast developing technologies and opportunities relevant to this industry, are readily absorbed and placed at the forefront of all aspects of the exposition planning. This has gained CSTB the acclaimed status of being the “window” from which to learn and see what will influence the suppliers, implementers and users in both the immediate and longer term future.

ProIntegration Tech

22-23 april 2025
Moscow, LOFT HALL #2, #3,
The Russian audiovisual, information and communication technologies market steadily increases volumes. It is noted by specialists of the branch – manufacturers of the equipment and the Russian system integrators which realize more and more complicated corporate and private projects. Now the due attention is paid to the equipping of sport, health care, education, transport facilities and establishments of the state appointment with professional AV systems. In these structures the situational centers, monitoring systems, dispatching offices, crisis control centers are created.
That allows to provide information and analytical support of the state value actions, to hold interregional meetings, to exchange experience and to establish business connection, to carry out monitoring of working processes, to make operational decisions and to supervise their execution in a modern way. Especially, a role of professional AV integration in business processes cannot be overestimated.
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22-23 april 2025
Moscow, LOFT HALL #2, #3
HI-TECH BUILDING is the most important annual event for home and building automation in Russia & the CIS. Annually 204 companies from 22 countries participate and more than 11.000 professionals visit the trade show.